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Clear geometry, stylish appearance, robust stature: Perfect companion for all days: CUP - drinking vessel not only for coffee or tea.

Design: Andreas Riess

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 Turned on the potter's wheel and provided with a hand-cut handle, the cup is made purely by hand by Andreas Riess. The glaze is applied by dipping. The material is stoneware. Form and glaze of the cups vary in the typical frame of handmade products and make each copy unique.

Dimensions: Height approx. 83 mm, diameter approx. 95 mm, width with handle approx. 135 mm, weight approx. 365 g, filling approx. 350 ml

The cups are dishwasher safe, microwave safe and certified as food safe. 


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Since BAUHAUS the concept is no longer new. For me it is the guideline for my ceramic design. Form follows function.
I trust that this one rule is a certainty for creating things that have the potential for timeless meaning. To keep them free of fashionable extravagances that sooner or later let them fall out of time. 
The above applies particularly to CUP. The aim was to create a cup that would accompany you every day for many years like a good friend. We all use cups or mugs and are familiar with the usual pitfalls. They are too small or too big, they do not stand correctly and tend to tip over on the desk. They leave ring marks on documents. You can't hold them securely. They burn your fingers. And if they're not pretty, many are just ugly.
CUP was designed to avoid all these shortcomings. The body is cylindrical with a height and diameter ratio that has the smallest possible surface area for a particular content. This ensures the slowest possible cooling of the contents. The cylindrical shape provides a comfortable standing surface - CUP is stable and secure. 
Special care has been taken in the design of the handle. In contrast to curved handles, wide, parallel surfaces and a circular hole allow the cup to be gripped and controlled safely. A quarter arch protects the middle finger from direct contact with the cup and its heat.
The geometric dimensions of the cup result from the above considerations. 
The creation is followed by the challenge of handcrafted production with its many steps up to the finished piece.