CUP matt nude straight handle


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This is a design study testing a handle variation that has a more straight look. It does not so much focus on ergonomy but rather on visual appearance. 

Design: Andreas Riess 

Product information

Turned on the potter's wheel and provided with a hand-cut handle, the cup is made purely by hand by Andreas Riess. The glaze is applied by dipping and brushing. The material is stoneware. Form and glaze of the cups vary in the typical frame of handmade products and make each copy unique.

Dimensions and properties

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Dimensions: Height approx. 83 mm, diameter approx. 95 mm, width with handle approx. 135 mm, weight approx. 365 g, filling approx. 350 ml

The cups are dishwasher safe, microwave safe and certified as food safe.