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Photography by Julia Riess

Spain, 2022
 35mm negativ film 

Pictures showing the print in a frame are included for reference only and to give ideas on how the print could be hung or displayed. It's important to note that the print itself will not come with a frame and that the buyer will need to provide their own. 

Julia Riess

Photographer with a particular interest in geometric compositions and architecture. Capturing both analog and digital photographs allows her to have a diverse range of techniques and styles at her disposal. Traveling to collect inspiration and motives for her work is a great way for her to constantly be exposed to new ideas and subjects to photograph. It's important for photographers to have their own unique style and vision, and it seems like Julia Riess has found hers through her preference for clean lines, geometry, and architecture.

Product Information

Gallery quality photo print on Fuji Crystal paper

21 x 30 cm

The print is delivered in a box. No frame included.