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 Oiled Oak  | 105 x 105 x 20mm (length/widh/hight) | tooled by hand from aged dry stock | burn marked on backside with the DESIGN STUDIO RIESS brand logo 

Design: Andreas Riess 

product information

COASTER - home for CUP.  Together they are a real eye-catcher. The hole in the middle repeats the grip hole of the cup.    

care tips

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Our wood products are made from sheer solid wood and are then treated with vegetable oil, mostly olives or sunflower. It is a good idea to repeat this treatment from time to time. That way your DSR wood product is well cared for. In the course of time it will show the traces of use and we think that this is not only in order, but even contributes to the uniqueness. If you feel like it, you can sand it carefully with fine sandpaper, dust it off and oil it with vegetable oil with a piece of household tissue or simply with your fingers. Let the piece rest for 24 hours and that's it.