Rose CUP

One of the first sketches of  the rose CUP projekt. This prototype fueled the process of bringing it about.  Find it here

Bowl with Lid

A unique piece from the TATOO-series featuring the signature motive "Landscape"

Every day companion

Clear geometry, stylish appearance, robust stature: Perfect companion for all days: CUP - drinking vessel not only for coffee or tea. 

Handle of CUP

hand-cut handles awaiting further processing. 

First batch

New: CUP shiny blue and rose 

Classic match

Nude and black CUP

Waiting for color

"Green" ware drying to be glazed

Like a blush

The dye of matt CUPs have a tendency to fade from top to bottom due to the glazing process.

Four friends

from matt series

Matt blue CUP

SMALL BOWL matt nude bare rim

Exemplary application: Oat muesli with pear